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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Comparison Of Manchester United And Chelsea FC -by Ifeanyi Valerie Nwadike


So I went for a break in the United Kingdom. I decided to visit all the Cities of Manchester, London and Newcastle.

I took out time to visit my Manchester United's Theatre of Dreams and I saw Heaven. I also went to our Museum and saw a lot of trophies, pictures of past and living legends, the Sir Busby's Plane disaster that claimed a young team.

I was just dodging trophies. I even discovered that we are even thinking of expanding to allow more trophies like the Europa League, EFL Cup...and possibly the EPL trophy this season.

And Chelsea is thinking of expanding their Stadium. Just imagine...the likeness? Is that why we are here?

As I was saying...I just dey dodge trophies make I no break any Cup O! More than 80 trophies scattered with reckless care and abandon.

I shifted my focus to London.

So...I entered the Chelsea FC Museum and I saw an empty room filled with not less than 12 trophies.

Jesus!!! (I screamed)

...the echo was just ringing back!

''Sus Sus Sus Sus!'' (echo)

''What happen? Why is there no trophy in this place?''

''ace ace ace ace!!'' (echo)

Chai! These Chelsea fans knows how to noise O! Shey person die for here?

''ere ere ere ere!!!'' (echo)

If you tell them now, they will say ''I get am before no be property!''

Why you come keep your WAEC result or CV? Shey that one no be past achievements? Shey no be property?

''A person who has no a dead person!''

That is why some of them never knew Claudio Ranieri was a former Coach of Chelsea FC.

Some of them started supporting that 'nonsense' Club when Jose Mourinho delivered them from bondage. A bondage that has been for more than 50 years.

Some of them started falling in love with either...



Or Mikel Obi.

Now that Drogba and Mikel is no more...they have shifted their WIFI to Victor Moses.

Lousy fans without history. That is why when other clubs have a Legendary list of past players, they started finding their own legends in Drogba and Lampard.

Someone even called Mikel Obi a legend.

Just imagine the con-cur-bi-li-ty!

Just le-go-di the backwardness!!

I've got the balls to tackle any Chelsea fan.

You know why?

Manchester United will always be the Best Team in the EPL.


This wash posted by a Manchester United fan Ifeanyi Valerie Nwadike so as to hail his team and degrade Chelsea.

What do you have to say about this?...

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