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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Beware Of Where You Go For Job Interviews

Yes, you should be very alert and suspicious of where you are asked to go to for a job interview. It is no longer a news that many job vacancy notice found around do not really exist, they are just used to exploit job seekers.

The popular of them is the one is making the Job vacancy asking job seekers to pay a certain fee before they release the information about the job vacancy, them claiming that they are agent, but now that pattern seems no longer effective for them, so they have deployed a new way.

In this way, they will tell you to come to a specific place for the interview, when you have come, they will occupy themselves with supposedly work and ask you to wait that they will still attend to you, they are doing this so that they will allow time for more people to come.
After sometime, you will all leave you at where all of you were and lock the door as they leave without your notice. After night fall, they will come back with a POS machine ask for your debit card (that is ATM card) and PIN, then they will debit your account from all available money in it and also take your valuables, then they will now let you go.

If you do not have money or valuable they are satisfied with, they will ask you to call someone who will send money to your bank account immediately or else, you will not be allowed out of there.

So beware of where you go for your Job Interviews.

A word of caution is that, do not go anywhere without letting others, especially those who live with you at home that is your family members and friends knowing about it.
When you suspected any of the symptom I outline above about the place, do not exhilarate to take your leave or take an excuse to stay outside.
If you cannot go outside, that is, if they have all left you people inside, then do not wait to call someone and tell them about your situation so that the person can organize a recuse team or call the police before your phone was taken away from  you, because when they come back, that is the first thing they will do.

Be Wise, Be Vigilant, Save The Life Of Others, Share the post to make others aware of this.

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  1. Replies
    1. It sure is.
      So save life by sharing to your followers also.

  2. Going for a job interview is presumably a standout amongst the most nerve destroying assignment on the planet. You don't generally realize what's in store from the job interviewer and you are stressed you may get tongue attempted and harm your odds of landing your dream job.

    1. That is sure a fact.
      I remember when I went for my first job interview.
      I was so nervous that I was not able to speak loud enough to the hearing of the interviewer.


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