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Friday, January 20, 2017

Best Team In England In The Last Decade | by Sabastain Agbeze Maduka

Which do you think is the best team in England in the last decade. Sabastain Agbeze Maduka says it is Chelsea. He draw is conclusion from stats ​talkSPORT revealed, after taking into​ ​account the league table, history books and the number of trophies the team has won.​ Here is it.

The Top 5
Arsenal are at number 5 – The Gunners have won two major trophies since 2005 – FA Cup in 2005 & 2014.

The Top 4
Liverpool have had a barren spell of trophies since Rafael Benitez left the club, but the Reds have managed to win three trophies (2005 UCL, 2006 FA Cup & 2012 League Cup) in the last decade that takes them to #4 in the list.

The Top 3
Manchester City have truly emerged as the power house of England in recent years. While they may not have a glorious trophy laden history like their neighbors, but they are making sure the present is a glorious one. Two Premier League titles, one FA Cup and one League Cup takes them to #3 in the ranking.

The Top 2
Manchester United are in second place having won nine major trophies – five Premier League titles, three league cups and one Champions League. It remains to be seen whether Sir Alex Ferguson’s successors can maintain the club’s winning mentality.

The Top 1
– Chelsea are the best club in England, having won a phenomenal 13 major trophies in a decade. Four FA Cups, four Premier Leagues, three League Cups, One Champions League & one Europa League

Then he round it up with "Hats off:- UP BLUES"

You can tell that he his a Chelsea fan.
But what do you think about this?

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