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Monday, January 23, 2017

At 3 years we say "Mummy I love you" _by Ejiogu Chioma

At 3 years we say "Mummy I love you"
At 14 years we say "Mum whatever"
At 16 years we say "My mum is so annoying!"

At 18 years we say "I'm leaving this house"
At 21 years we say "Mum you were right"
At 30 years we say "I want to go to mum house"
At 50 years we say "I don't want to lose my mum"
At 70 we say "I would give up everything to have
my mum here with me"

Remember you only have one Mum !!
Comment "I LOVE YOU MUM" or
"R.I.P" if she's dead.
ignore if you don't value your mummy.

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Source: Ejiogu Chioma



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