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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

An Intro to The Up Coming Snooze Tab Feature Of Firefox

Snooze tab? Yes Snooze tab is coming to Mozilla Firefox users very soon, this means that you alarm is not the only thing that can now be snoozed.
As the name implies, Snooze tab is an add-ons that when a user add it to their Firefox browser, will be able to snooze a tab that is, close the tab but specify that the tab should reopen itself at a particular time in the feature.

So are you in the right website, but at the wrong time and you do not wish to bookmark that website? It has happened to me many times, so instead of me leaving the tab to that website open and then open another tab to continue doing what I was doing, the snooze tab is my and will be your best option very soon.

The Snooze tab add-ons is still in it's testing phase, but if you want to jump right away to using it, then you will need to join the Firefox Test Pilot program. Joining the program will give you the privilege of being a tester of any new feature that is coming to Firefox before it is actually rolled out.

When you have joined the Firefox Test Pilot program, you will be allowed to add the Snooze Tab add-ons to your Firefox browser. And to use it,
  1. Hit the Snooze icon when in the tab of the website you want to dismiss,
  2. Then set an alarm to bring them back at the time when you feel you be needing them.
 When done, the Snooze tab add-ons will close the tab and reopen it automatically at the time you specify.

Tell us, will you wait for it to be rolled out or will you join the Firefox Test Pilot program so that you can start using it right away?...

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