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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Airbag Warning Light Can Save Your Life And Money | by Promise Danile

AIR BAG LIGHT WARNING. Hmmm the invention of the air bag is a major step forward in vehicle occupant safety. So if your car's is not working well, get it seen to it is very IMPORTANT.

Potentially a faulty airbag will not go off in a crash 💥 that is to say you and your passengers will not be as well protected form any potential injuries.

One other thing is that a faulty airbag could even deploy when you least expect it, giving you a nasty shock of your life...(High BP) lolz😊....
Then giving you an expensive fix to put right...Plz FiX it before these happens.

Team Pinfoltd 


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  1. It's so important to stop wasting your money in our time. This is the reason why I stopped to play I don't want to be a gambler more


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