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Thursday, January 5, 2017

About Using Filter | Microsoft Excel 2016

In MS Excel 2016, the filter feature is used to as an easy and quick way to find and work with some group of data in a range or cells or in a tabla. Let take for example, in the entire order list of an organization of a particular period, you wish to see only those who make an order that is less than or above a specify number of items, then, the filter tool will be just what you need.

This implies that when you use filter tool, the entire rows that do not meed your filter criteria will be hidden allowing you to see only the rows that meet you filter criteria. This thought does not mean that the rest data have been deleted from the worksheet, no they are not, Excel just hide them.

To use it,
  • Select the column header you want to use the filter on.
    In our example above where we want to find out the people the order for more than a specify number of item, the column we are to select is the column containing the number of items ordered, not the column containing the customer name.
  • After that, you should click on the Sort & Filter icon in the Editing group of the Home tab in the ribbon. Or you can use the shortcut key which is Ctrl + Shift + L.
  • When you do, the filter combo box will appear in the column header you have selected, click on the box drop-down arrow to specify the filter criteria of your choice.
That is all.

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