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Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Conversation Between Jose Mourinho and Kante | by Chibuike Courage

Mourinho: hy fine boy

Kante. hello special 1

Mourinho: You helped Leicester win the trophy last year

Kante: yes any problem

Mourinho: and now you are now helping Chelsea win it

Kante: yes why asking

Mourinho: I want u to also help me to win it next year

Kante: How I don't understand

Mourinho: I want to sign u next summer we reserve the no 7 jersey 4 u

Kante: but I though you have Pogba

Mourinho: that foolish boy

Kante: but I thought you said he's d best midfielder

Mourinho: emm hmm i was just joking😀😀😀

Please note that this is not a real conversation, it is formulated by Chibuike Courage. And I am posting it because I found it funny, what about you?

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