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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A Brief History About This Club Manchester United This Season | by Daniel Francis

Following the Manchester United draw with Stoke City last Saturday where Wenye Rooney scored his 250th goal for his club Manchester United, making him the higher goal scorer for the club and highest away goal scorer with 88 goals, many haters of Manchester United start posting write-ups to spoil the happiness of Man U fans. Among these haters is Daniel Francis, and below is his post.

Please noted that I am no Manchester United hater neither am I one of their fans. I am sharing this because of it's humorous nature. So if you are a Manchester United fan reading this, PLEASE do not take offense, just laugh over it. So once again, here is Daniel Francis write-up.

"A brief history about this club called Manchester United, just before my darling Chelsea takes on
Hull city later today.

Last year: 6th position

This year: 6th position

Last month :6th position

This month :6th position

Last week : 6th position

This week: 6th position

Yesterday :6th position

Today : 6th position

Now : 6th position

Tomorrow:6th position

Next week : 6th position

Nna eh, person wey do this charm eh, do am for Kogi state. Na Igala charm be this. E no dey
quick leave body. Hehehehehehe"

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