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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Brief Explanation Of The Background App Feature In Windows 10 Anniversary Update

In Windows 10 anniversary update, background app are those application who although you have not open or launch, are running staying receiving and sending notifications, and also staying up-to-date whit their respective server.

Example of this type of application is Mail. When you have signed into it, and your computer is connected to the internet, it does not need you to open and then refresh your inbox before you get new mails, it will do that automatically if your background app feature of Windows 10 anniversary update is turned on.

Keeping background app feature turned on is a sure way of not missing any new thing, but downside is, it will have a negative effect your computer's batter especially if you are using a laptop which is not plug in to power.

Also because most background application uses the internet to stay up-to-date, it might also take a toll on your internet data volume consumption without you even being aware of if.

Why I am not discouraging you from using the background app feature, you should also be aware of the demerit of it and that is the purpose of this post of mine.

Note: in Windows 10 anniversary update, background app are not application which you open and later minimize to the taskbar so that you can do other things, no, those are not what Background App in Windows 10 anniversary update is, rather they are application which have the permission to perform some of their functions automatically even if you have not opened them.
Also this does not mean that all background app start themselves along Windows when you are turning on your computer. Some do, but not all.

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