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Thursday, January 12, 2017

8 Vivid Expressions Of Millionaires

  1. You’re not in social networks? How will your classmates find you? - Let them type my name into Google.
  2. If you can be good at one thing - be good at lying. Then you will be good at everything.
  3. It’s time for kids to learn the lesson - Santa loves rich kids more.

  4. Why should I have to marry - it’s basically betting half of your fortune that you will love her forever.
  5. If compiling the general opinion about a person based on first impression was an Olympic sport, I would be suspected of taking performance-enhancing drugs.
  6. No girl is actually as happy as she seems to be on Facebook, as sexy as she seems to be on Instagram and as witty as she appears on Twitter.
  7. As a society, we are more clever than ever, simply because technology have given the right to vote to the ignorant masses.
  8. There were times when the unwanted were sent to an island. Now we have to buy an island to be away from them.
Nice expressions, do you think so?. The one that caught my attention that made me decide to share this post is the expression number 3 and number 6.

What do you thinks about them and which do you relate to?

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