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Saturday, July 29, 2017

5 Money Multiplication Secrets Of Feng Shui

  1. Keep vital places clean - the kitchen and hallway. Money does not come to dirty places.

  2. Do not spend money on the first day of your arrival. In order to not carry out rash acts. Put them in a box or safe. And on the second day, you can start spending small amounts.
  3. Purse must be red or with elements of red decor.
  4. Do not put anything unnecessary in the wallet.Only money and plastic cards (no photo and checks and other debris.)
  5. Put banknotes in the wallet into different segments by their nominal value.
What do you think about these money multiplication secrets of Feng Shui which was posted by MMM Nigeria?

I agree with only the second point, which do not encourage the spending of money from the day you receive it.
Which of them do you agree with?

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