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Monday, December 26, 2016

Which Will You Protect First | The Child or Your Nakedness

You might be quick to want to say nakedness or child. And you are not wrong at your answer, it just show what is more important to you.
But reconsider your answer in the light of the situation outline below.

Remember, Be Sincere as you Read lines below and give your answer after that.

One woman was about to go and take her bath, she wrap only towel on her body. Immediately she carried the bucket of water to go to the bathroom, she heard a voice shouting outside her compound. So she dropped the bucket and ran outside to see the problem.
Unfortunately, it was her sister that she had not seen face-to-face for years. The sister came with her 1 month old baby.

As she saw them, she shouted with joy and ran with great happiness to welcome them. Everybody around her house came out to see what is happening.
She carried the baby and throw her up on the air with joy.

Immediately she did that, her towel untied and she was completely naked in the public while the 1 month old baby is still in the air!

Now the question is, If you are the woman, which 1 will you protect first,

  1. The child or
  2. Your nakedness?

Be sincere please.

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