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Friday, December 30, 2016

Untilled Poems by Te Lil

I am a disgruntled old man

I look around and I see youths doing what youths do

My mouth forms, as though I was sucking on sour hard candy, a sad and angry look on my face

All this happened back in my day

I thought youths were supposed to learn from history

Alas my day wasn’t so long ago

My eyes cloudy and weary from what my selfishness had made it witness, foulest of action

Mind envisioned the most repugnant of acts

Now my eyes are too tired to react

Like a twisted joke by the infamous trickster

Reliving the same things over and over again through different eyes

My mind is too tired to care , mouth too heavy to advice

I can clearly see the end of their story

For their story was my story which was his story regarded as history

But never pondered upon because our generation knows better

But knowing better doesn’t avoid the path to the same outcome

I am a disgruntled old man in the body of a youth that is tired of being a youth that is tired of not listening

So I listened and I watched and I saw the mistakes of the past and present transcend to mistakes of future and my mouth formed

As though I was sucking on sour hard candy, a sad and angry face

And then I became a disgruntled old man.

What a nice poetry that shows that what we today a youth consider as history and that things have change, can be our outcome is we refuse to learn from it.

Line 12 to 13 clear portray this fact.

So though Te Lil did not title this poem, I will title as "The Outcome Of The Decisions Of A Disgruntled Old Man As A Youth."

Nice piece of poetry by Te Lil.
Or do you not think so?

Team Pinfoltd
Source: WordUP411



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