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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Time To PH In MMM Nigeria Is Now!!!

Anytime to PH is good, because getting a return of 30% plus your spare money you used to PH is not something you can easily get these days. But there is more good news to you (MMM Participant). The good news is:

MMM Nigeria is including a 20% accule bonus extra on any amount of PH you made from now till the 1st of January.
According to the announcement post in their website, this is a Holiday Bonus from MMM Nigeria.

Do you know what this means, it means that MMM want to give you a total of 50% of your contributed money, and thus, if you PH 10,000 naira for example, you should be expecting 15,000 naira instead of the usual 13,000 naira.

But the sad news is, Not every might qualify for this limited offer. Why? Because

  1. The bonus is frozen for a month after the PH-request is created.
  2. The bonus will be granted only for “new” money. It means, if you created a request to get help after December 7 and later you provided help for the amount you withdrew, you will not get the bonus.
  3. You should not create a request to get help until the bonus is unfrozen (this will be after one month of providing help). Otherwise, the bonus will disappear.
This policy is in place so that greedy participant will not PH, GH and PH again with the same money during this Holiday Bonus, just because they want to get the bonus.

So if you must get the bonus multiple times, you must PH with different multiple money, not the same money multiple times.

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If you want more information about MMM and if it is available in your country, do chat me on what with +234 806 565 728

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