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Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Annual Cycle - by Obaika Ohimai

When the year was young and started
She was praised and she was flirted
Praised sung and praises offered
All the prayers were recited

'A bountiful year!' Is what was chanted
'Filled with blessings and with progress!'
Lound and bold is how they shouted
Calls and BC's distributed

Now the year is old and ended
Dirges sung and wailings chanted
For she brought so little happiness
But her robes were filled with sadness
All the hopes that she had flaunted
Has been hurled to the wind of the desert

A new year will soon be birthed
And promises will be flaunted
Sung alound with strings and trumpets
Wishes sent like raging bullets
Waiting for everything to be repeated
And out hope to be depleted


I just cannot help but share the poem of Obaika Ohimai, everything said is so true with regard to how excited people are about new year, but at the end hope will be depleted"

Share and drop your comment about how you fell about this.

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