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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Remove Social Networks Account From Organization You Manage In Hootsuite

If you are just a member to the organization in Hootsuite, you cannot tamper with any of their signed in social media account in Hootsuite, thus, before you can be able to remove a social network from an organization's account in Hootsuite, you need to be a
  • Super admins or Admins
  • Team admins
  • Or those with advanced social network permissions
in the organization.

If yo are, the steps below will enable you to remove a social network from the organization's account in Hootsuite.

  1. Select your profile image from the top of the launch menu (Hootsuite navigation drawer) to go to your Hootsuite profile page.
  2. Next click the Manage  button beside the organization name you want to delete the social network account from.
  3. Then under section Social Networks I Have Access To, hover your mouse over the social network and click the gear icon beside it, and then select Remove from organization.
  4. Finally, click OK from the confirmation dialog box that will appear.
 You should note that removing a social media account from Hootsuite does not necessarily mean that you are disconnecting your Hootsuite account from that social network.

You should also note that, removing a social network from Hootsuite will in effect be deleting the previously scheduled post to the social network.

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