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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Just To Wet You Anticipation Of Windows 10 Creators Update

It is no longer a news that the replacement of Windows 10 Anniversary update is coming in spring of 2017 and it is called Windows 10 Creators update. Windows 10 Anniversary update was and is considered as a very brilliant operating systems, and that is why even though that initially it causes some users machine to freeze, that do not prevent them and others from updating to it, and the Anniversary update did not even have the features that are to be unveiled with the Windows 10 Creators update.

Thus, we want to use this opportunity to outline 4 amazing features that will be made available to Windows 10 users after they have updated their OS to the Creators Update in 2017. But before we start to outline these features, it is also noteworthy to let you know that just like the Anniversary updates, the Creators Update of Windows 10 will also be a free upgrade to existing Windows 10 users.

Having said that, let us get on with it.

  1. First thing we will like you know is that, in the Creators update of Windows 10, you get total control over which applications you want installed in your computer, and this include, the built-in application with Windows 10.
    This is because with the Creators update, you will be able to fully uninstall any built-in application, with them not having to be reinstalled again automatically when you update to a new build of the Windows 10 Creators update.
    Note: When we say built-in applications, we do not mean Windows 10 core component like the File Explore or Notepad etc. we mean the other optional application like 3D Builders, Money, Sport etc.
  2. And talking about 3D, Windows 10 Creators update revolve round 3D because 3D is now prioritize. We mean, Paints is now a 3D graphic application, and with the help of Paints, you will be able to scan 3D objects using your Windows smartphone and print 3d scenes using it.
    Not only Paints, the Microsoft Edge browser will not support 3D, which means that you will now be able to download and upload 3D models with website that support it. More to that is the fact that you will and be able to create 3D animation with Microsoft PowerPoint when you update to the Windows 10 Creators update.
    Sound to us that 3D graphics and animations are now prioritize, isn't it?
  3. The People app in Windows 10 Creators update is now more useful. Because with the Creators update, you will know be able to be able to placed your favorite or frequently contacted list of person in the right side of the taskbar, and thus, you now have more convenient way of contacting and communicating with them.
    The more great news is that, the People app will now be integrated with many chat/communication service like Mail, Skype, Xbox Live and more.
  4. And talking about communicating with your friends, Windows 10 Creators updates now give you a new way of communicating your gaming experience with your friends, because the Creators updates is coming with a new gaming broadcasting service. This means that you will now be able to stream your game play to Xbox Live in REAL TIME!!!. And do know what? you Xbox friends will get a notification about this broadcasting of yours immediately you start streaming. 
So tell us, how quick will you update your machine to the Windows 10 Creators update when it will be launched in the spring of 2017?

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