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Friday, December 30, 2016

How To Stop Receiving Notification For A Post You Commented On In Facebook | Facebook Web & Facebook Android App

If it is post you really want to follow, so that you will know what people are saying about the subject of the post, then this feature of Facebook is great for you because you will get notified we ever someone comment on the post. But if you do not want to follow that post, you just saw the post and comment on it, then this feature can become irritating.

There is an experience of mine I will like to share. Not long ago, I saw a post in Facebook and I was like the 5th person that comment on it, before long, I was receiving numerous notifications from Facebook that someone also commented on the photo I commented, they were more the 100 other comment on that photo, and I got notified for every one of them. This so so annoying that I have to go into a deep search for how to stop that notification, and I find, so that is what I want to share with you.

So this is how to stop receiving Notification for a post you commented on in Facebook
  1. When you see the post again in your News Feed or if you get notified again, click on it to open the post.
  2. When it does, click on the More drop-arrow button next to the name of the person who made that post, then tap on the Turn off notification for the post option.
That is all.

From then on, you will never receive any notification about that post again.

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