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Monday, December 26, 2016

How To Remove A Social Media Account In Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a great post scheduling tool for social media and even blogs (wordpress). But the sad side is, you cannot add all your social media account to your one Hootsuite account so that you can start scheduling post to them, specially if you are still using the Free Plan of Hootsuite like me.

So if for any reason you wish to remove a social media account to have added to Hootsuite, then the 3 step guide below will be of great help. But before we begin the guide, you should know that, once you remove or delete a social media account from Hootsuite, then all the post that you have scheduled to be posted on the social media account will also be deleted and hence, will not be posted when time comes.

This is because, removing the social media account is in effect telling the social media platform that they should not allow Hootsuite to post on your behalf in the social media account. Having said that, let us get on with the guide then.

How To Remove A Social Media Account In Hootsuite
  • After you have logged in, go to you Hootsuite profile page, which is accessible by click on your profile image icon at the top of the Hootsuite navigation drawer.

  • In the Private Social Networks section of your Profile Page, click the gear icon in the box of the social media account you want to remove then click Remove from Hootsuite from the menu that will ensured.

  • Once you do, you will see a dialog box asking for your remove confirmation and telling the implication of the action you are about to take. Click on the Okay button to confirm.
That is all!.

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