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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Formatting The Fill Of A Chart Component | LibreOffice Calc Version 5.2

When we say the fill of a chart component, we mean the color of the chart component like the Chart bars, the Chart Plot Area, the Chart Area e.t.c.
In LibreOffice spreadsheet program known as Calc, the fill of a Chart component can be formatted with Color(s), Gradient, Hatching and even Bitmap, and to do this, just follow the instruction below.

How To Format The Fill Of A Chart Component
  1. Double click on the chart component you want to format it's fill.
    When you do, a Data Series dialog box will appear, when it does, select the Area tab in the dialog box.

  2. Next, in the Fill drop-down list, select the fill option you will like to use, whether Color, Gradient, Hatching or Bitmap.

  3. After you have, choose the corresponding option for either of the Fill option in the drop-down list you choose, which is in the option box below, and click the OK button below.
 Note: No matter the chart component you want to change the fill of, just follow the step above.

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