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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Fix "Google Installation Blocked" Message | Android OS

Google installation blocked message that you receive when you are installing an application in your android device is as a result of the fact that Google view that application that you are installing as detrimental to your user experience. This does not mean that the application is a malware or virus. No they might not be.

For example, when you are installing application that is know to be an android device rooting application, then this "Google Installation Blocked" message might appear.
So to fix it, just do the following:
  • Click on the More details button.
  • Then tap on the Install anyway (unsafe) link.
That is all.

The second and most lucrative way to fix this issue is to prevent it.

This Google Installation Blocked message appear because your device your are trying to install the application on is connected to the internet.
So if you disconnect your device from the internet before you run the installation than there is no probability that this issue will occur.

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