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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Earn Cool Cash From Promoting Content Online | Adfly

Yes, you heard it right. You do not need to be a freelancer or a blogger or even an affiliate marketer before you can earn cool and guaranteed cash online. All you need do is to promote others people content, and whenever someone click on the link you use to promote the content, you will be paid.

How much will you earn and who's person's  or website's content am I promoting?
If these are part of your questions, then continue reading.

How much are you earning?
Well, it depends, but the minimum you can earn from this is, $1 for every 1000 - 2000 times, someone visit the website through your link.
It is low, we know but for starters, you will find this lucrative, because:
  • You do not need your own personal website.
  • You do not need to convince anyone to buy before you earn, all you need do is just make the visit the website through your link.
  • The website content you are to promote is no limited. You can promote any website's content, and we mean any website content.
  • This is your opportunity to turn your shared post on social media or forum to cash.
and more.

So how does this work?

The network that is giving you this opportunity is called Adfly.
Adfly is a URL shortener service that is willing to pay you for shortening any website URL with them, and make people visit that website through the shortened URL.

Do you still not understand? Let me explain further.

When you shorten a URL with Adfly and you share it, any individual that click on that shortened Adfly link that you shared, will first be shown an ad for 5 seconds before taken to the target website, that is the website url that you shorten.

Because Adfly is a CPM ad network, visitors who click on your Adfly shortened shared url do not need to click on that a before you will be paid, immediately the ad is shown to them, you get paid.

That is why we say, you can promote any website's content, just make sure that your promote it using the Adfly shortened link you have created, and then you will be paid.

Why not visit the Adfly official website to learn more about them.

When you join the Adfly ad network, you will not regret not deciding to go into blogging.

Team Pinfoltd



  1. I joined whats next & how to earn thanks in advance

    1. It is good to know that you are interested in Adfly and that you have joined.
      Sorry I have not replied you since.

      But as I explain in this post, all you need to do now is, find an interesting post on anybodies website, copy the post URL that is link, and shorten it with Adfly, after you have logged in.

      Then share the link to the people you think will be interested in the post, or you can share it in your social media account and in forums.

      That is all. When someone now click on that adfly shorten link you share, the person will be shown an ads for five seconds before the person can continue to the post. Then you will be paid.

      If you have any further question please do as me, I will sure help you out as soon as possible.

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