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Thursday, November 3, 2016

You Can Still Send Friend Request Even If Facebook Have Blocked You From Sending.

Being unable to send friend request to people via Facebook because you have been banded or blocked from doing so by Facebook might no longer be classified as a news. But the trick explained below will see to it that, you do not have to wait for the band to be lifted before you can become friends with or send friend request to people on Facebook.

In Facebook, there are at least two known ways of sending friend request, which are:

  1. Using the Add Friend button which in on the profile of the person (which is the popular one)
  2. Using e-mail address. 
Typically, when Facebook block or band you from sending friend request, they do this because they feel that you are misusing the first means of sending friend request which is the Add Friend button, thus you are still left with using the e-mail address of the person.

To add someone or send someone a friend request using the person's email address, do the following:
  1.  Open Facebook home page. (We mean your Facebook News Feeds and not Facebook Log in page)
  2. Click on the Friend Requests icon and click on the Find Friends link on top of the menu that will appear.
  3. In the Add Personal Contacts section in the right side of the menu that will appear, type in the person's email address in the Your email field and click the Find Friends button.
  4. Then in the next screen that shows the list of person(s) using that email, check the box in line with the one who you want to add as friend and click the Add Friends button. 

That is all. Your friend request will be sent to the person for approval.

If you do not want to follow through this process, you can also chat the individual into sending you a friend request instead. You are blocked from sending friend request does not mean that you cannot receive one.
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