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Monday, November 14, 2016

Why You Should Not Be Too Quick To Twerk Windows So That You Can Install An Application That Is Blocked For Your Protection.

You might have heard about the "This App has been blocked for your Protection" issue common to some Windows operating system (OS) users, or you might have experienced it yourself or know of someone who does. And thus, you might be aware of how to twerk Windows so that it can allow you install the software or application. And we are not against you if you have used that twerk.

Want I/We want to accomplish using this post, is to help you understand why in the first place, the application installation was blocked, so that you can reconsider if it is the right option or not.

You see, Microsoft (the developer of Windows OS) takes the protection of their OS users as very important, and this we can see for the many security measure that have in place.

For example, then have in place
  1. Windows Defender 
  2. Microsoft Security Essentials
  3. Microsoft Safety Scanner
and more all for free just to make sure that you (their OS user) is safe and secure.

Another security measure they have implemented starting with the Windows 8 operating system is call Windows Smartscreen. Though it was originally integrated with Internet Explorer, it is now a core part of Windows operating system.

This Smartscreen, what is responsible for the "This App has been blocked for your protection" restriction you are experiencing. And this is the three main criteria it uses to determine which application that you want to install should be blocked for your protection.

  1. Windows has scanned the website you downloaded the application from and see that the website have been flagged or reported to be a phishing or malware distribution website.
  2. The application itself have been flagged as either a phishing, or a malware application.
  3.  The the hash of the application and/or the application's digital signature is not from an established or reputable developer.

So before you decide to twerk Windows so as to allow you install the application or software, please make sure that it is and that you get it from a legitimate source, or else you will be unknowingly installing a hacker or phisher into your computer.

Also take note of the website you download if from also, for you might be downloading a legitimate application or software you know of, but the owner of the download porter have edited to software, for a reason best to them.

So to us, if Windows block the installation, then do not be quick to unblock the installation.

If you have any further question please ask us.

Team Pinfoltd



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