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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

What Is Clipboard?

A clipboard is a piece of software that is embedded into or is a core component of a computer's operating system, and thus enables the user to be able to temporarily saved selected data from a document or program and then use the data in another document or program.

This means that, Clipboard is not another storage device in your computer device such as RAM or ROM. This is how clipboard works.

When you save data (either text or image) to the clipboard by using the Cut or Copy command, the clipboard uses the RAM memory of your computer as the storage device for the data you copied or cut, then when you need to use the data, all you need to do in order to retrieve it is to use the paste function of your computer or the program you want to use the data on.

By default, the last copied or cut data is what will be made available for your use when you want to paste, this does not mean that the data you copied or cut prior the the last ones were override. No they are not.

But before you will be able to access those data you previously copied or cut, you will need to have a clipboard viewer or management software installed into your computer or mobile device.

Typically, all clipboard content is lost when you logout from or turn off your computer, but a clipboard management software call CopyPaste Pro for Macintosh computer claims that with there software in your Mac computer, you:
  1. Never lose a clip your copied to the clipboard again, because every copy will be saved and made available in the software's clip browser.
  2. That you will have the ability to edit any clip with the software's handy built in word processor before you paste it.
  3. That you can also create an create an archives for your most important copied or cut clips instead of just leaving it in the History.
Lawrence G. Tesler (also know as Larry Tesler) who is mostly accredited the honors of being the copy, cut and paste inventor is just to be referred to as the one who proposed the names, an article in Wikipedia says.
While a comment by Julian Miller on the subject "Who invented the clipboard?" says that "On 24th January 1984, Apple introduced the Mac. One of the Mac's unique abilities was the clipboard, which allowed you to copy info from one application and then paste that info into another application. Prior to the Mac and Lisa (another Apple computer model), operating systems had no inter-application communication. The clipboard was revolutionary in 1984."

The Main Point
The Clipboard in a computer is a software which is integrated into the computer's operating systems and therefore, allows the computer use the ability to copy some sort of data from one program and then use it in another program.

To be able to use the Clipboard of a computer, typically, Ctrl + C and Ctrl + X are the keyboard shortcut keys that are used to either copy or cut a content/data from a program to the clipboard, while Ctrl + V is the keyboard shortcut key used to paste what wast last saved to the clipboard to the new location/program/document where the data will be further used.

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