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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Security Tips For Shopping Online

Online shopping is fast, convince and in some cases, you get to exercise your bargaining right as a customer, the return policy in place is also very good and much more easier than offline. So e-commerce to us, is here to stay, we support it and we encourage you too to support and use it, because it is much more advantageous

But the fact is, all the benefits of e-commerce can only be attained when you shop with the right online retailer or seller. Because as more and more people are turning to online shopping, cyber criminals are also on the increase with the intention of duping naive and inexperience online shoppers off their payments information such as your credit card number or debt card pins.

This fact should not be a discouragement to you, or a reason for you not to use e-commerce, which is now the most convince means to shop. Because as the above paragraph state, cyber criminals can only dupe you if you are naive or inexperience. That is why we have put up these list of safety tips that you should know of when shopping online so that you will not be a victim.

  1. Make Sure Of The Authenticity Of The Seller: If you do not know the seller, or the seller do not have a reputation of reliability, we encourage you to not buy from them.
    If you are new to the ideal of online shopping and thus you do not know which seller have a reputation of reliability, then we recommend that you do a little research on the seller.
    Our point in this is, if you do not know the seller offline, then do not buy from them without making a research to prove their reliability, and not, talking to their customer service might not be the best of option when carrying out your research.
  2. Use The Authentic Seller Website: Phishing is one most common way cyber criminals deploy in order to dupe inexperience online shopper. So in your research make sure to include the official website among the things to know.
    And when you decide to shop with them, make sure that you use the official website address. But if you happen to use a text link or click on a banner which intend to take you to the shopping website, make sure to check the address bar of your browser to ascertain that it is truly the official site.
    Let suppose that we are a shopping site and you decide to shop with us, you know that our URL is if you know check and see and or other thing that is not precisely, then you should know that it is phishing site develop by a cyber criminal.

    An alternative is to use the official mobile app of the seller if available, this way, you are always sure you are buy from the true seller.
  3. Watch Out For The https:// Sign: https:// and the padlock icon the precede it before the start of the website URL, for now is a protocol that ensure that the information you are inputting into the shopping website cannot be read by third-parties. So, any shopping website that you do not see that before the website url, then you should be wary about buying from them.
  4. Do Not Use Public Wi-Fi To Shop: We know it is less expensive or even free way to use the internet, but what you should know is, public Wi-Fi is not all that secure, hence it can be easily hacked and used as a medium to log your imputes and also read the response from the website you are shopping from, since all your connections will have to go through that Wi-Fi network that have been hacked.
    But if you must use a public Wi-Fi, then we recommend that you also activate a VPN service for your device, because the VPN will encrypt all your connection before it goes through the hacked Wi-Fi network.
    So if you do not have or intend to use a VPN service in your device, then do not use public Wi-Fi to shop online.
  5. Do Not Use Public Terminals: Unlike public Wi-Fi where VPN service can protect you from treat, VPN service can never protect you from treat originating from the very computer you are using. So we never encourage you use a public computer or terminals when you want to shop, because sometimes even anti-virus will not be able to protect you, because the treat is from within (i.e. the computer configuration)
  6. Be Wary Of Gift Cards: Most online shopping malls are home to various seller, while the owner of the shopping mall will ensure that you are protected from product scam and that you get satisfied with product you buy from a seller in their mall, they cannot protect you from Gift Cards scam.
    So cyber criminal can and do use this as a means to auction gift card with little or no funds in them. So be very wary about where your buy gift cards from.
    Remember, if you are unsure about a seller, research on 

Not to be forgotten is the adage that says: "If it is too good to be true, then it probably might".
So also consider carefully about holiday offers from even reliable sellers.

With these we think you are sure to be able to shop securely online.

Tell us what you think or about any inquire you might have, we are here to help.

Team Pinfoltd



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