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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Postcron Value Your Opinion

All company and business never neglect feedback from their customers, hence they value it. Postcron is no exception. And because of this, Postcron have enacted a policy that,  absolutely everything (features) they add to Postcron, is because their users like you, asked for it.

For this very reason, Postcron have in place a portal called POSTCRON WISH LIST. This portal is to enable, you (Postcron users only) to make a wish as to a feature that they will like the Postcron team to add to the list of services.

Thus the slogan of Postcron Wish List portal is "make your wish! We'll make it happen." is the link to the Postcron Wish List portal, where you can see the wish of other Postcron users and also make your own wish.

Try it out because, Postcron Values Your Opinion.

Team Pinfoltd



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