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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Postcorn | An Alternative To Hootsuite

Perhaps Hootsuite is the most popular post scheduling service available as of now, and they worth to be the most popular, because they not only give you auto posting service to your social media profiles, they also help you out to get engagement.

Like there university will teach you how to be a real pro in social media platform management and more. And as of now, we have not seen and other service that can compare to to Hootsuite.

But for those who feel that Hootsuite pricing is a little high for them or you just feel like to try another social media managing service provider, we will recommend them to Postcron.

Like we said, Hootsuite as of now cannot be compare to any other social media managing service, so we are saying is, if you do not want to use Hootsuite, then use Postcron. This is the reason.

Among the many things you can do with Postcron is the fact that you can add a watermark of your logo or of anything you want to the image in the post your schedule for posting with Postcron.

You also have the ability to schedule post to your:
  1. Facebook Profile
  2. Facebook Fan Page
  3. Facebook Group
  4. Facebook Event 
  5. LinkedIn: Profile and Company Page
  6. Twitter: Profile
  7. Google+ profile, and (Business) Pages
  8. Pinterest Profile and Boards and
  9. Instagram: Accounts e.t.c.
As of now, these are the social media platform you can use with Postcron.

And also, Postcron gives you the ability to schedule up to 1,000 post, and the good news is that, you do not need to use their post editor to create the post, because you can use the content of a Microsoft Excel and Google Docs files to upload all the post you want to schedule.

As of now, here are some brands that are already using Postcron.

If you have any question about Postcron or Hootsuite, please do not hesitate to ask us through comments or the form below.

Team Pinfoltd



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