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Monday, November 7, 2016

Minimizing The Ribbon Of Excel 2016

In Microsoft Excel 2016 program, the ribbon is considered the most important element if Excel 2016 window, and it sure is, because it is the ribbon that holds virtually all the commands need to work efficiently with the Excel program. Still, Excel 2016 enable its users to minimize the Ribbon of the program so that the user will be able to have more space in the screen to display it’s workbook.

The ribbon in Excel 2016 program is made of the sections, that is:
  1. Tabs
  2. Command Groups. 
Thus, when you want to minimize the ribbon, then you need to decide if you:
  • Want to minimize the entire ribbon OR
  •  If you want to just minimize the Command Group section.
There are basically three ways to minimize the ribbon of Excel 2016 program, and this are:
  1. Using the Ribbon Display Option  command icon
  2. Using a right-click menu
  3. Using shortcut.
Let Us Start Off With Using The Ribbon Display Option

The Ribbon Display Option command icon is located before the Minimize, Restore down, and Close button at the top right of the Excel 2016 window in the title bar.

To use it,
  1. Click on the Ribbon Option icon before the Minimize button in the title bar.
  2. Then click on any of the following option in the menu that will appear:
    1. Auto-hide Ribbon: This option hides the Ribbon completely from the Excel 2016 window. To display it on a temporary basic, just click on the top of the Excel 2016 program window.
    2. Show Tabs: This option hides the command group associate with all tab, but still showing the tabs. To temporary display the command group associated with a tab, just click on the tab.
    3. Show Tabs and Commands: This option puts the Ribbon on its default state. That is, permanently displaying all the Tabs and associated Command Groups, thus this option is only used when either the Auto-hide Ribbon or the Show Tabs option is active.
 Using The Right-Click Menu

There is a righto-menu that allow you to minimize the ribbon of the Excel 2016 program, and this menu is displayed only when you right-clicked on the ribbon.
This right-click menu only allows you to minimize, that is, hide the Command Group of the ribbon and not the entire ribbon.

To use it, do the following:
  1. Right-click on the ribbon.
  2. Click on Collapse the Ribbon.
  3. To maximize or unhide the Command Group, just right-click on the ribbon and click on the Collapse the Ribbon option again.
Note: Double clicking on a tab (the active tab recommended) also minimize or maximize the Command Group section of the ribbon.

Using Shortcut key

Use the following shortcut keys to minimize and maximize the ribbon of MS Excel 2016 program.
  1. Press Ctrl + F1 to hide the Command Group of the ribbon, press it again to unhide it.
  2. Press Ctrl + Shift + F1 to hide the ribbon completely, press it again to unhide it.

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