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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Fix | Workbook Is Opened In Compatibility Mode In Microsoft Excel 2016

If you open a workbook with your Microsoft Excel 2016 program and discover that Excel opens the workbook in compatibility mode, it thus means that the workbook is either:
  1. Created using and earlier version of MS Excel such as Excel 2003 or Excel 2000
  2. If was saved with the file extension of an Earlier version of version of Excel.

So if your Excel 2016 program opens a/your workbook in compatibility, then you should not think that your Excel program is faulty, it is not. But the fact is, when Excel opens a workbook in Compatibility mode, you will be able to edit the workbook, but you will not be able to use commands which are not available in the version of Excel the workbook was created with.

So to remove a workbook from compatibility mode, do the following.
  1. Open the Backstage view of your Excel 2016 program by clicking on the File tab.
  2. The the Info option of the document in the left section of the Backstage view is selected by default when you open it, if it is not Select it. then locate and click on the Convert button.
  3. When you do, a Save as dialog box will appear.
    Specify/select the location where you want to save this new workbook to, the File name and then click the Save button in the dialog box.
That is it. The workbook will not be saved with the file extension of your Microsoft Excel 2016 program and thus you will now be able to use all the commands in Excel 2016 when editing the workbook.

But note, converting or removing the document from compatibility mode might affect the layout of the workbook. But do not be scared, it will never affect the content.

The Main Point
 In order to fix a workbook which is opened in Compatibility Mode in Microsoft Excel 2016, you will need to re-save the document with the file extension of Excel 2016.
You can use the step above or you can use the Save As option of Microsoft Excel 2016, but when you are using the Save As option directly, you will also need to change the Save as type which is below the File name field of the Save As dialog box to Excel Workbook else, the document will still remains in Compatibility Mode.

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