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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Dotted/Dashed Border-Radiused Corners Are No Longer Rendered As Solid In Firefox

You might have not noticed it, but the fact is, since 2007, Firefox will not render your border style as dotted or dashed, if you apply the border style using the Border-Radiused CSS element, rather, it will render the border style as solid.

This issues/problem was reported to Mozilla by Gábor Stefanik, and now, with the release of Firefox version 50.0, this problem have been fixed. So you can now feel comfortable when styling your borders.

Also, if you have developed a webpage for a customer earlier, and the customer have been laying a complain that the dotted or dashed border style he asked you to apply, is not showing in Firefox, you can now confidently them him or her to upgrade his Firefox browser to version 50.0 or later, that the feature will work.

There are also more fix in this version 50.0 of the Firefox browser that will be of interest to you as a web developer, and to check them all out, just click HERE.

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