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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Divorce Will Not Be The Option If You Calculate The Expense Before You Go Into Marriage

Divorce! Divorce!! Divorce!!!
The growing rate of divorce is alarming, and the fact is, divorce is not the best solution to marital problems, especially when children have join the marriage union.
So what is be best solution of marital problems?

We do not intend to use this article/post to suggest ways to better solve marital problems, rather, what we intend to accomplish is to help you choose your marriage mate wisely. So this article might not be best suite for ready married couple but we intend it for those who are single, in a relationship that is expected to lead to marriage.

But if you are already married, you still need it, because with the knowledge you can help your child or sibling or relative or any other person with it, so that they too will not go into a relationship that will definitely end in divorce.

Because of the so many down side of divorce, those contemplating marriage should not see it as a means to just satisfy they sexual argue or for financial support or for any other reason, but they should view marriage as a life long commitment.

That is why if you take note of the words in a marriage vow, most if not all include this phrase: "until death do us part."

And because marriage is a life long union, you should then choose your spouse carefully. And to help you do this, carefully consider your compatibility with your proposed spouse, do not fantasize about you life together, rather, Consider his or her routine and the hobbies he likes NOW not the ones he or she will like after marriage.

To help you with this, take this example.

A company want to establish it's branch, they (the company) will not just say, having a branch is good for any type of business, nor will it just keep fantasizing about the financial benefits, rather, they will carefully calculate the cost and more critically calculate the benefits they will derive.

So, do prevent divorce, first choose your marriage spouse carefully. Truly see the spouse as he or she really is, and not how your fantasy make them look like.

  1. If you know that your spouse have a routine that you know is not compatible with you, talk it out, and wait for him/her to truly change.
  2. Also consider his or her financial responsibleness. Not how much he cam make but how responsibly he or she spend the money he have.
  3. Also consider who he or she build his relationship. Are his or are close friends those he or she just caught up with or those he or she see them as those he or she is willing to do things within it's power to save the friendship?
    This will give you insight to why it is in the relationship with you.
  4. Consider his or she moral standard and his or she respectiveness.
There are more and more than enough of things to consider that we are not putting in this post, but that is not the main point of us creating this post.

The Main Point
Calculate the cost before you go into the marriage union. This will enable you not to get married to one who at the long run you will not find compatible.

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