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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Creating Speech Outline With Microsoft Word 2016

In Microsoft Word 2016, outline creation is done in two ways, these are:
  • Using Multilevel List
  • Using the Outline Mode
Let us start by explaining how to use use Multilevel list feature of Microsoft Word 2016 to create our Speech outline.

Using Multilevel List To Create Speech Outline.

After you have created/typed in the Speech title, Press the enter key to create a new paragraph and do the following to create the speech outline.

  1.  Select the Home tab in the Ribbon, and in the Paragraph command group, click on the Multilevel List command icon, then choose from gallery menu the format of the outline that appeal to you.
    Note: you also create your own speech outline format if none in the gallery appeal to you using the Define New Multilevel List... option in the menu.
  2. Type in the First Main Point (usually a full sentences for main points is recommended)
    1. Next press the Enter key, and type in the First point which is supporting your main point. But before you start to type it in, press the Tab key to make this a sub-point of the main point.
      1. Next press the Enter key, and type in an example, contract or reference the support your first point. But before you start to type it in, press the Tab key to make this list level a subordinate of the first point. 
      2. If you have other point to support your first point, put them on this same list level.
  3. Type in your Second Point, in this list level. To make this list level, press Shift + Tab key after you have press the enter key but before you start typing in your second point.
      1. If you have any example to support your second point, put it in this list level.
  4. If you have another point (i.e. point three and other) make the list level as the same with your point one and two.
  5. Conclusion. The list level holding your conclusion should be the same level that hold the Title of your speech.
The Main Point
 The feature that is used to create an outline in Microsoft Word 2016 is called Multilevel List.
To make the list level to be subordinate of the up list, you will have to press the Tab key before you start typing on the list, while to remove a list level from being a subordinate, you will press the Shift + Tab key.

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