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Friday, November 11, 2016

Can I Play Xbox Games On PCs?

You can play Xbox games on your PC. But not all PC and not all Xbox game you can play on your PC.

Microsoft have seamlessly brought the Xbox gaming experience to PC using Windows. Thus for you you to be able to play Xbox games on your PC you will be needing a PC that runs on the last version of Windows OS which is Windows 10.

But like we said above, not all Xbox games can be played on your Windows 10 gaming PC. So which games can you?

Only digital games which are under the Xbox Play Anywhere category, and not CD games.

The Xbox Play Anywhere service is what connect or synchronize your purchased digital Xbox game with your Windows 10 PC so that you do not need to pay twice for the game. Thus, whit Xbox Play Anywhere, you pay once and play on two devices.

This does not mean that you can play the game on both your Xbox console and your Windows 10 PC simultaneously (that is playing the game of the two device at the same time), No. You have to use one an play while the other rest.

This is because the principle behind Microsoft launching the Xbox Play Anywhere service is so that Xbox gamers can play their beloved Xbox games with the PC even if they are not close to the Xbox console.

So, YES, you can play Xbox games on PCs.

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