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Thursday, October 6, 2016

What You Should Understand About “How To” Tutorial of Windows 10

It is no longer a new but a known fact that, Microsoft Inc. has announced that there is never going to be a replacement of Windows 10, rather, Windows 10 is going to be the last Windows version that they will be producing. This does not implies that there is only going to be one version of Windows 10.
So if you are running a Windows 10 operating system in your computer do not presume that all “How To” tutorial articles or video for Windows 10 users applies to you. Here is what mean.

Though Microsoft Inc. has no further intention of replacing Windows 10 they have what the refer to as build number which is used to differential different Windows 10 updates that is released. It is like the version of mobile app. For example, you may be aware of the fact that, earlier version of Whatsapp mobile app does not support end-to-end encryption, but the newer version does. This is how Windows 10 is intended to be like. No replacement of Windows 10, but redesigned and improved version of Windows 10 will be released from time to time.

So if you see an how to article explain tricks, hacks, and tips for getting the most out of Windows 10, you should never presume that the hacks the article is talking about applies to your own version/build of Windows 10, especially when you have an earlier build of Windows 10 running in your computer.

So our recommendation is that you always keep your Windows 10 up to date with the release of each new build. Having this Windows 10 Upgrade utility or Media Creation tool from Microsoft installed in your computer running Windows 10 will make you aware of such new releases because they will keep giving you notification if you are still running an older version of Windows 10.

Also, you should know that delaying your upgrade can make you loose out in the free upgrade, because Microsoft have a policy that when new build for Windows 10 is released, users who are still using Windows 10 that is at least 4 or five build earlier will not qualify for free upgrade to the new build of Windows 10.

The Main Point
If you are a Windows 10 users, then you should know that the build of Windows 10 that you have running in your PC will determine which feature of Windows 10 is available at your disposal, so do not be quick to presume that each and every how to article on Windows 10 is meant for you.

To check which build of Windows 10 you are running in your computer, read this article: How To Check The Build Number Of Your Windows 10 Computer

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