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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

What Is Word Processing?

Simply put, Word Processing is the act of creating, storing and manipulating text using a computer or word processor. To achieve this task (i.e to create and manipulate text) using a computer, you will need to have a word processing program or application installed into the computer's storage device and loaded into the computer's memory.

This means that for you to be able to type/write a letter, or prepare a document using a computer, a word processing program or application have to be in your computer.
In a way, word processing program is the replacement of typewriter. Since that is so, let us talk about the advantage of Word Processing program over typewriter.

Advantages of Word Processing Program Over Typewriter.
  • Unlike using typewriter to prepare a document, using a Word Processing program (Word Processor) will enable you to be able make changes to the document's layout without having to retype the entire document.
  • Mistakes made while typing can be easily correct when you are using a Word Processor to prepare the document unlike typewriter when you will have to use a correction fluid and wait for it to dry before you can continue typing.
  • If at any point in time you wishes to Remove or delete text, sentence or paragraph from the document, this can be done more easily when you are using a Word Processing program.
  • Word, sentence or paragraph alignment is easier done when using a word processing program than when using a typewriter.
These and many others are the advantages of a word processing program/processor.

Disadvantages of Word Processors

A wise saying says: "There is no thing that have advantage that does not have disadvantage" this is also true with regard to Word Processing Program. So below are some of the disadvantages of Word Processor.
  • Because just owning a computer does not mean that you can type document with it, it then means that you will have to to installing a Word Processing program into your computer before you can use it to prepare a document, and most of them are not that free.
  • Just having a Word Processing program installed into your computer is not all that is needed, you also in to know how to use the program effectively, and it takes time to do that.
  • Unlike writing something down with pen and paper, using a word processor take a little time because you will have to wait for the computer to boot and for the program to be loaded into the computer's memory from it's storage device before you can use it to type your document. So it is not the best shot if you need to write something down quickly, sometimes pen and paper is faster.
  • People can become dependent to the spell checker feature of Word Processing program and not proof read their work properly, thereby deteriorating their vocabulary.

Examples of Word Processing Program
There are many, many word processing program you can should choose from. Among them all are:
  • Apple iWork Pages (Paid)
  • Corel WordPerfect. (Paid)
  • Google Docs (Online and Free)
  • LibreOffice Writer (Free)
  • Microsoft Office Word (Paid)

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