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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Removing Squiggly Lines In Microsoft Word 2016

Squiggly line are wavy line which Microsoft Word 2016 uses to notify you of an error in your text spelling or grammatical error in your document. There are by default, two type of squiggly line in MS Word 2016, these are:

Types of Squiggle Line In MS Word 2016
  • The red squiggly lines: Word uses this line to indicate potential spelling or grammar errors in your document. 

  • The blue squiggly lines: Word uses this line to indicate to you that there might be words that might be incorrect in their context. For example: A “pear” of shoes versus a “pair” of shoes, or “there” report versus “their” report.
While we do not encourage you turn this feature off because we feel that nobody is above a typo, if you still wish to turn it off, then follow the steps below:

To turn off the squiggly lines, do the following:
  1. Click on the File tab in the Ribbon

  2. Select Options from the left section of the Backstage veiw.

  3. Select Proofing in the left section of the Options dialog box.

  4. Under the When correcting spelling and grammar in Word section, uncheck the boxes for every items there, which are: 
    1. Check spelling as you type
    2. Mark grammar error as you type
    3.  Frequently confused words
    4. Check grammar with spelling

  5. Finally, click the OK button at the bottom of the Options dialog box to apply the changes.
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  1. Another option, rather than as above,
    File => Options => Proofing => Exceptions for (this document)
    Check "Hide grammar errors in this document only"


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