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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Necklace VS Necktie Which Is Better?

Well, before we proceed, we will like to understand this fact about fashion. Fashion is unique, as long as there is no color riot in the make up, it is always beautiful.

Having make this point clear, we will also like to make you know that neckties are no replacement of necklace. Granted neckties add more beauty to a dress than a necklace will do, but the fact is, necklace is still mandatory is some occasions.

For example, to use, we prefer neckties to necklace when dressing causal. The reason? Gorgeous will be a causal outing outfit that is decked with the appropriate neckties rather that necklaces.

But you will agree with us, that it makes no sense to use a deck your outfit with a neckties when you are dressing corporate, like when going for a job interview.

The Main Point
Neckties are more recommended when you are dressing casual not corporate.

So, your reason for your outing always determine your dressing and not just your taste.

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