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Saturday, October 22, 2016

MMM Offer Only 30% Interest On Mavro Not 50% Nor 100

Please pass this message to all your down liners.
*Leaving your Mavros to stay more than 30 days is seriously affecting the community negatively, MMM only offers 30% not 50%,100%*

*MMM support team will soon block such accounts indefinitely and Mavros will be lost or such accounts will experience negative geometric Mavro growth which in turn will result to loss of money*

*This action by some greedy participants has caused a delay in providing help and had stalled the ph-gh process badly*

*Provide help and get back your money with 30% reward in 30 days*

*Don't register with multiple account, stop editing your account almost every month, Don't complain if you get blocked*

For registration or further explanation WhatsApp +23408065767628

Team Pinfoltd 



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