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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Local Seamstresses or Factory | Which Is Preferable When Starting Up Fashion Business.

Fashion business is a lucrative business not go into, but without love for fashion, you odds of making your fashion business a success if faint. But let us presume that you have love for fashion that is you want to start up your own Fashion Business, and now, you are faced with this decision, between using local seamstresses for your Fashion business or a factory, which should you use? Well, to us, it all depends. Let us explain it to you.

When you work with local seamstresses, you will have much more visibility as to what is going on with regard to your design production (sewing) compared to when you are using a factory. And because of this visibility into what is happening, you can spot out mistakes easily and quickly and or even change direction much easier than when you use a factory.

But the fact is, if you want it done quick, using a factory can meet your deadline.

But a downside of using a factory is that, since you are a start up fashion business entrepreneur you might not have an order volume that might meet the minimum requirement of the factory, so if you still award the factory with the sewing contract without having the order volume, then you are asking for more cloths in your store without the hope of selling it which in turn constitute as a waste of money. But another upside of factory is that you do not need to worry about shopping and/or shipping of material to or from your store to the factory.

A downside of using local seamstresses is that, you will be limited to choosing from the local pool for talent for your job, and also if they (the local seamstresses) have their own or alteration business, then yours might not always be given priority.

It will also be helpful to put into consideration your targeted customer. For example, if you target customer are the locals, then using local seamstresses will ensure that your design appeal to the locals, but if you intend to target international or interstate customer, then factory might be the only ones with the best of ideals to appeal to customers sense of fashion and needs.
But to use, we will recommend that you target the locals.

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