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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Is Microsoft Really Spying On You With Windows 10?

They have been series of critical complains about Windows 10 and the most common one is about the privacy of Windows 10 user, that Microsoft is using Windows 10 as a lurkers eye on how it's user use their computer.

To us, it is true that Microsoft uses Windows 10 OS to collect personal data from it's users, but the fact is, those data that they collect are used to personalize your experience with the features that make you love Windows 10 and also learn of way in which they can use to improve the products.

For example, if you are using Cortana -your personal digital assistance offered by Microsoft- you are in effect enabling Microsoft to use Voice recognition to identify you, allowing Microsoft to log your search and website you visit.

But lets be frank, in order for Cortana to work perfect, these information needs to be logged. If this information is not logged, then Cortana is not your personal digital assistance, because you will not know you, and thus, she will not be able to give you personalized services, like best result for your searches and more.

Take an example Firefox. Firefox is by default set to send the browser's health report to Mozila. The reason, so that Mozila will be able to know what is causing your browser to crash or stop responding and other. These reports also enable Mozila to what they should be working to fix in the next update.

So you see, to any software developer, getting the usability information of their software users is very important.

The Main Point
To some extent, we do not think that Microsoft is using Windows 10 to spy on you, rather they are collecting use information so that they can personalize your use of many feature in Windows 10 the you love and use.

In other words, if you do not want Microsoft to spy on you as some many people puts it, then stop using and deactivate all the default features of Windows 10. But to us, we will say that is a wrong choice.

Because if you deactivate the feature in Windows and you happen to go to a third-party to seek out that same services, it thus means that you are diluting minerals (soft drinks) with water but still drinking the whole diluted drink at a go but saying that you have reduced the sugar content, my dear, you are just lying to yourself.

So our recommendation is, if there is a service you like to use is offered by Microsoft in Windows 10, turn it on and use it. Do not turn to third-parties to provide you with that same service, that will be much more detrimental to your privacy. If you do not like the service, do not turn it on.

And when you are activating any service in Windows 10, do not forget to read though the Privacy Policy for that services so as to fully understand how the service work and why it needs the log/collect the information about you it collects.

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