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Sunday, October 23, 2016

How To Download Facebook Video Via

It is a know fact that Savefrom offers a browser plugin that will enable you to download videos in Facebook right there is your Facebook News Feed or from the Timeline of the person who posted the video. We are not against the plugin from Savefrom but what we will like to say is that, sometimes, installing plugin to a browser can slow down the browser's speed and functionality, especially when the plugin is to run as the page/website is loading.

Thus if you are among those who do not have Savefrom plugin installed in your computer's browser, but you still want to download video from Facebook using Savefrom, then do the following:

Using Your Computer's Browser
  1. Right Click on the video on Facebook which you will like to download, and click on Show video link.

  2. A small dialog box will pop-up showing the link to the video, Copy it and then head on to the Savefrom website.

  3. When it opens, paste the video link in the Just insert a link search box, and click on the Go button which is represented by a button with a right-facing arrow, or you can just click the Enter button in your keyboard.

  4. It will then search for the video in Facebook and when found (which it will always do) it will display it, and the available video format you can download it on. Click on any format of your choice.

  5. Once you do, the video will open and start playing. When it does, do not close the browser's tab or click on the browser's back button, when this happens it means that Savefrom is downloading/saving the video into your browser's cache file folder, and thus the download speed will be determine by the streaming/buffering speed of the video. So do not in anyway stop the streaming of the video.

  6. So as the video is streaming, all you need do now is, Right-click on the video and click on Save video as... option. Then you select the location you want the video to be saved to in the Save As dialog box, and click the Save button.
That is all. Remember, the downloading speed is determined by the streaming speed of the video, so if you stop the video streaming, you have stopped the download.

Using Your Phone's Browser.
  1.  Tap on the video so in Facebook so that it will attempt to start playing. When it does, copy the URL in the Address bar and close the tab if you wish, but just stop the video streaming in the Facebook website, and head on to Savefrom website.

  2. When there, paste the video url you copied into the Savefrom Enter the URL search box and tap on the Go button which is represented by a button with a Right-facing arrow.

  3. When do, Savefrom will open the video in the browser's video player but will/might not automatically start playing the video.

  4. When it does, just Tap and hold on the video thumbnail, and tap on Save Video in the menu that appears.

Note: when you get to step 3 and the video do not automatically start playing, then it mean that you do not need to stream the video in order to download it, but if it automatically start playing, then we advice you not to stop it.
But in any case, we highly recommend that you do not close the browser tab of Savefrom nor should you minimize the browser to run in background except that you have not restricted background data usage for the browser.

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