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Saturday, October 8, 2016

How To Add Gif/Animated Picture To Your Post In Facebook Using Giphy

Animated pictures also referred to as GIf image are great replacement for videos and especially if you have an info graph to share. Unfortunately, Facebook does not yet support the direct upload of a Gif image to your timeline using their website. The reason, we do not know specifically, but we suspect that Facebook did this in order to promote the GIF network which if Thus if you want to upload an animated image to Facebook, do this.

  1. Upload your GIF image to a website that support GIF upload such a Giphy (Facebook's own GIF sharing network)

  2. When you have uploaded it, or if you see in Giphy that you like, then open it so that it will start playing.

  3. When done, copy the GIF's URL that is in the address bar of your browser.

  4. Then head on the Facebook and log into your account. Now paste the GIF's URL you have copied into the post editor of Facebook, and wait for some seconds.

  5. After some seconds, the GIF will automatically appear below the URL. When it does, you can choose to delete the URL or leave, any choice you make will not affect the GIF upload.

  6. Finally. write up something about the GIF if you wish and post it.

Note: Facebook will consider those upload as a link, and Facebook policy have it that Links you share are made public. So when you upload a GIF, there is nothing like specifying who can see it using post Audience Selector.

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