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Friday, October 7, 2016

How Akpos Tell His Parent That He Is Repeating The Same Class.

A boy named Akpos was coming back from school singing out loud and dancing like nobody's tuckshop... his parents was wondering why Akpo was so happy so they decided to ask him. This is their conversation.

PARENTS: My son we have never seen you in this mood for while, any good news to share..?

AKPOS: Mom, Dad, next year you will not be buying any textbook, notebook or any study material

PARENT: Wow!, that's out boy. (exclaimed in excitement by his parent) who gave u

AKPOS: No one..! I'm not talking about scholarship.

PARENT: So how are we not going to buy you any textbook, notebook or any study material next school session.

AKPOS: It is because I'm repeating the same class again!!!

A word for Akpos

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