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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Exploring The “Find” Tab of The “Find and Replace” Dialog Box Of Microsoft Excel 2016

Traditionally, the Find tab of the Find and Replace dialog box of Microsoft Excel 2016 is used when you are looking for an entry but you do know which particular cell in the worksheet the entry is in. But the Find tab can be used to perform more function than that, first let us start by explaining the different way in which you can bring up the Find and Replace dialog box.

Bringing Up The Find and Replace Dialog box

They are basically three ways by which one can use to open the Find and Replace dialog box of Microsoft Excel 2016, and these are:
  1. Press down the Ctrl key in the keyboard while hitting the F key. (i.e. Ctrl+F)

  2. Hit the Alt key in the keyboard and then hit H, F, D, F keys one after the other.

  3. Using your computer's mouse pointer, select the Home tab in the Ribbon of Microsoft Excel 2016, click on the Find & Select command icon in the Editing command group in the Home tab, and finally click on Find in the menu list that appears.
Using any of the steps outlined above will open the Find and Replace dialog box of Microsoft Excel 2016 with the Find tab preselected, the dialog box will look similar to the image below when it opens.

Using It To Find Entries By Rows or By Columns

Typically, entering a search term in the Find what: option field and clicking the Find Next button will search the worksheet Row by Row and highlight the the cell in which the search term in the Find What option field is found.

This implies that if for example, your search term is Come, and this word can be found in for cell in the worksheet, and the Cell address of the cell that has this word is A1, E3, Z1 and G2, then the search result will first highlight cell A1 to you, the next cell will be cell Z1, the next will be cell G2 and the last cell it will highlight is cell E3.
 This is because cell A1 and Z1 is the first row in the worksheet, while cell G2 is the next before cell E3.

But if you want the result to be displayed columns by columns then do this.
After you have entered the search term in the Find what: option field, click on the Options>>> button, and then change the option in the Search: option list from By Rows to By Columns, before you click the Find Next button.

If you do this, the order in which the cell containing the search term will be highlighted will now be, A1 because A is the first column, E3 because it is the next column closer to column A, G2 because it is the column before Z1.

Searching For Entries Within The Workbook

It is not out of place to be in a situation when you will be needing to search for the cell containing a particular term but you do not know which worksheet in the workbook the cell is in. Do not despair, you do not need to search each worksheet one after the other before you can get what you are seeking, just do this:

  • Select the Find tab in the Find and Replace dialog box.

  • Input the search term in the Find what: field.

  • Click on the Options>>> button.

  • In the Within: option button, change the option from Sheet to Workbook.

  • Now click the Find Next button.
After this, Excel will search the whole worksheet in the current workbook and will then automatically take you to the worksheet where it finds the cell that contain your search query and it will also highlight the cell so that you can easily identify it.

Search For Cell That Hold a Comment

Has it is well know, the content of a comment which is inserted into a cell is not readily visible if you do not hover your mouse on the cell. Thus if you are looking for a particular cell with a comment and you can still remember some phrase in the comment, then do this to find the cell quickly.
  • Open the Find tab of the Find and Replace dialog box.

  • Type in the phrase in the comment (search term) in the Find what: field.

  • Click on the Options>>> button.

  • Change the option in the Look in: list from Formulas to Comments.

  • Now Click the Find Next button.
That is all. The cell whose comment contain the phrase (search term) you specify will be highlighted.
Note: the Formulas option will display result of cell whose formula contain your search term and also cell without formula that contains the search term, which the Values option will only display cell which does not have comments of formulas inserted into them, that contains the search term.

Searching For Cell That Has A Specific Formatting.

If you really want to narrow the result of your search, then we recommend that consider adding a format criteria. To do this, follow the understated guidelines.
  • After you have inserted the search term,

  • Click on the Options>>> button

  • And click on the Format... button to specify your formatting criteria.

  • Before you click the Find Next button.

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