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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Chelsea's 4-0 Victory Over Manchest United Affected Some People's Record

On Sunday October 23 saw Chelsea brutally defeat Manchester United with 4 goals to none at Standford Bridge. The lost meant that Chelsea because 5 points clear from Manchester United which makes them to move to 4th position 9 game of all teams in EPL, while United remains in 7th position.

But Manchester United remaining in the 7th position in the League table was not the only thing that made their defeat in the hands of Chelsea heartbreaking, the record of some players Manchester United and the club's manager himself was also affect.

Look back on record, it so happens that Manchester United defeat meant:
  1. The biggest defeat Morinho have ever experienced as manager since 2010
  2. Zlatan's Ibrahimovic biggest defeat since 2000 and
  3. Paul Pogba's biggest defeat EVER!!!

What do you think about this stats?

Team Pinfoltd 
Image source: Kenan Lee G+ Post



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