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Sunday, October 23, 2016

17 Mental Stage Most MMM Participant Will Go Through

This is a list of 17 mental stage most MMM participant goes through before they can fully believe in MMM. So check to see which one you are in...

  1. You think its a scam

  2. You register because of your friend

  3. You are afraid your money is going to disappear

  4. Ecstasy!!! You got help!!!

  5. You cannot shut up, so you tell your family and friends

  6. You get scared again because of rumor mongers

  7. You get desperate for referral bonus

  8. You increase your pledge.

  9. When people say MMM is a scam you tell them that u like it, that MMM should keep scamming you.

  10. You spend money like your father owns CBN

  11. You increase your pledge.

  12. You invest in offline business or start your own business.

  13. You don't care about referral bonus anymore because even the devil can't stop it. People start running after u to register them

  14. You aim to pledge 2million.

  15. Financial freedom

  16. When people say MMM will crash, you tell them they are Ignoramus and that if it wants to crash Let it crash on top of my head. 😂😂

  17. You are now no longer just a participant. You are now a loyal believer of MMM

Long live MMM
Long live Nigeria
Together we change the world.

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Team Pinfoltd


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