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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Why A Lady Should Not Complain Of The Infidelity Of A Guy Who Fail In Love With Her At "First Sight"

Those girls that complain that their fiancé is flirting with other girls and is not faithful needs to be flogged. Consider this,

What were they thinking when they accepted the relationship proposal from the guy who claims to love her just between minutes of knowing (i.e. seeing) each other.

Pals is that how Love works?

If the guy was able to fail in love with her at first sight what guarantee does she have that he will not also fail in love with another at first sight too.

Our point exactly is this.
Facts have shown that Love (True Love) cannot be developed at first sight because Love have to do with Profound Caring Affection and that cannot come overnight it have to be developed.
It is only attraction that can come over night.

So please ladies, be suspicious of any guy that claim to love you the first time he see.
Granted, an attraction can turn to love, but it is rare. So you should not be surprise if your "Love at First Sight" fiancé boo is also extending it to other ladies.

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