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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

What Is "Two Wheeler"?

Put simply, a Two Wheeler is any automobile with two driving wheels such as a Bicycle, a Motorcycle or a Hand Truck.

Although the word "Wheeler" is also used to refer to names of places such as a town in New York, USA which is called Wheeler, and also the work Wheeler can be given as a name to a person, Wheeler traditionally mean a moving thing (vehicle) having specified number of wheels.

List of some people that bears "Wheeler" as a name includes:
  1. An American writer of film history, theory and criticism, and professor who is born in 1950. His full name is Wheeler Winston Dixon
  2.  Wheeler Milmoe, a politician who originated from New York and whose live span spam from 1892 - 1957 also bears Wheeler as a name.
  3. An American Layer who in the 1870's and died in the 1830's is also another person who have Wheeler has a name. His full name is Wheeler Peckham Bloodgood.
 The Main Point

Two Wheeler is any automobile with two driving wheels.



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